Slot Manager Role and Responsibilities

Slot Manager Role and Responsibilities

The Role

Reporting to the Slot Director, the Slot Manager must report all prepared exceptions/concern to the Slot Director. 

Promote and maintain the utmost reliability and the highest caliber of client service and respect to all guests, associates, and AGLC personnel.

The Slot Games Manager position is important in assisting the Slot Director in developing and facilitates initiatives to improve the overall operations in all areas of the business to ensure maximum profitability.

Duties & responsibilities

  • Make sure the guests are being provided with superior customer service.
  • Expand and mentor the Slot Shift Manager.
  • Providing support and inspiration to all Slot Shift Managers.
  • Ensure proper implementation of established procedures and controls for effective and secure cash flow.
  • Ensure proper implementation of established policies and procedures pertaining to the Slot Floor and Slot Cage.
  • Facilitate the execution of the slot associates ‘entry to exit’ process for the department.
  • Oversee all processes pertaining to the operation of the TITO redemption kiosks (NRT’s)
  • Ensure all slot operations are in compliance with AGLC Terms and Conditions.
  • Monitor and report risk and safety concerns to ensure a safe environment for both associates and guests.
  • Support and communicate between all appropriate departments connected with the casino gaming floor.
  • Oversee the daily implementation of operational goals and objectives while developing plans on ways to grow the business increasing revenue chances.
  • Examine feedback on departmental/resort actions and initiatives from a guest viewpoint and prepare and present plans to address concerns and improve productivity.
  • Assist the Director with the development of action plans resulting from business plans, associate surveys, guest surveys, consultant feedback, etc.
  • Participate in the development of the Casino Resorts Club program on behalf of slots.
  • Developing plans based on associate feedback in all areas of the operation to continually improve efficiencies.
  • Participate and lead meetings internal and external to our operation to gain consistency in communication and improve the overall guest experience within the resort.
  • Ensuring that our operational goals are being met and our business philosophy is being incorporated.

Slot Manager Institute

Slot Manager Institute

The Slot Academy

The casino slot games Academy offers training courses for Management of Casinos and Manufacturers to the casino industry.

The courses give details how to apply a Total Quality Management System in -electronic- Casinos, with a strong focus on the Slot Management, Guest Relations Management and Staff Management Processes.

The Slot Academy is currently the leading Industry program in Europe, providing skilled knowledge to all levels of the Slot Management department.

Serving Casino games operators and manufactures for the past four years focusing on attaining the best results possible. Mr. Lucien Wijsman, the founder and Principal teaches the fundamentals, emphasizing on the key performance indicators and critical behaviors of a Slot Manager in a Casino and Slot Club.

The course of The Slot Academy is based on the Principles of Total Quality Management. After these values have been introduced, the focus is on the technical process of in service slot machines in Casinos or Electronic Casinos.

At the very beginning of the course different profiles of visitors to casinos are introducing. What motivates people to visit casinos and what is the view of the different types of casino visitors. Throughout the course the focus on the dissimilar expectations of the various visitor groups is used as a guideline.

With attendees we ask ourselves the question how to execute a ‘quick and dirty’ feasibility study if one wants to open a casino.

What is – typically - the operating cost and how can one estimate the income. Based on size of people and number of competitors, one can also make an estimation of the number of expected visitors per day and maybe even the expected spending power.

With this information one can than decide to open a casino; size, number of machines, expected expenses and income should all be clear at this stage.


Slot Management

Slot Management

While designing the Slot management process, we will find that activities can be grouped in three categories:

  • ( 1 ) Activities prior to opening the Slot Room.
  • How do we proof that we have equipped an efficient and effective Slot Room with the right aptitude and how do we uphold a proficient and effective slot room?
  • How do we know what machines are favored by the different types of visitor profiles; how important volatility.
  • ( 2 ) Activities during the gaming date.
  • How do we proof that we execute daily ready activities efficient and effective and how do we prove that our marketing efforts supply to the bottom line result?
  • (3 ) Activities after the gaming date.
  • How do we proof that no errors were made during the execution of daily ready activities and during the count and what checks should be perform on periodic basis to prove that the process is under control?

Actually we design a online casino during the course. Attendees are obtainable with the layout of an ‘empty’ casino, and then they will define/design the layout of the floor.

Issue arises about credit values, machine types, player payback percentages, routing and other operational questions.

During these behavior attendees have to ask themselves continually what it is the different visitor’s profiles expect in a casino.

Progressive and Mystery Jackpot Management, calculation of pay-tables, designing a slot machine and the Myth and math of games are all being addressed.

Marketing of slot machines and how to exceed the anticipation of the different visitor profile that regularly visit casinos.